Portal | Admin View

The administrative side of the Client Portal doesn’t just maintain what the customer sees; it’s a scheduling and communication platform providing organization and transparency into basic operations and scheduling of the business.

Capital Plans

With a few simple clicks, build a comprehensive capital plan for your customer for every piece of equipment you manage. Your customer will be able to see the replacement priority of their equipment in a visual red, yellow, green color-code, as well as ROI, simple payback and 7-year cash-flow. Your teams provide the replacement estimates and annual savings opportunities. Connect's Capital Plan calculator does the rest.

File Management Center

Connect provides your teams with one central location to store all of your customer's documents, to include proposals, reports, scopes of services, warranty letters, etc. Not only can your customer access these documents, but the File Management Center ensures your team members can also find the information they need from any computer, anywhere with an internet connect. In addition, you can easily import all service and repair history using an Excel file, to display to the customer in a sortable table.

Maintenance Dashboard

This dashboard designed to keep track of preventive maintenance (PM) scheduling, showing which locations have a PM due in which months, which technician is assigned, how many hours are allocated and more. Once the PM is complete, the dashboard will automatically roll to the next PM due for that location. The dashboard can be filtered, sorted and customized to provide you and your teams the data you need, when you need it.

Project Dashboard

The Project Dashboard syncs directly with the Project entries in the Workbook and Funnel, so that once an opportunity is sold, it automatically populates on the Project Dashboard for scheduling, without the need for double entry. Notify the customer when the equipment has been ordered, when the project start date is scheduled, estimated completion date, project notes and more. If selected, the program can even generate an email to the customer for you. As with all dashboard, easily update data directly from the table. Sort filter and customize for quick and simple management.

Work Ticket Dashboard

Mend the communication gap. Work Tickets are used as an internal 'to-do' list of action items for a customer. A ticket can be submitted or opened by a customer from the Portal, a technician from mobile or an office associate from the Work Ticket Dashboard. Tickets are then assigned to any associate, who will receive an email notification of their assignment. Work Tickets range from billing questions to requests for quotes and are an easy, efficient way of keeping your team's to-do list in plain sight.

Building Automation Links

Through the Client Portal, your customer will be able to access links to their Building Automation Systems, by physical location. The administrative side of the portal allows your teams to manage this aspect, requiring only a link, a building name, and permission as to who can access this information. In the event your customer doesn't have an automation system, Connect provides a marketing graphic it its place, to encourage your customers to learn more about these services. If you don't provide automation services, no problem. Connect's Client Portal is completely customizable - turning every feature on or off by customer.

Utility Tracking Dashboard

Display your customer's utility data graphically through their Client Portal, allowing them to query by date range, utility type (gas, electric, water) while normalizing by weather and occupancy, or comparing to a base year. This tool allows you to upload customer data in Excel format, while Connect takes care of the rest.

Each operational dashboard indicates what the customer can see in their Client Portal view, by coding that column in yellow.