The Connect Funnel follows the path of the HVAC sales cycle, to include the First-Call Meeting, Equipment and Financial Surveys, Verification Meeting and finally the Proposal.

Simplified Tools

A sales representative's most valuable asset is their time. Connect Software was designed to minimize the amount of time required to perform the administrative functions of their role, from pricing and document generation to sales opportunity tracking. Our goal was to make Connect Software an indispensable tool for sales representatives and management alike, eliminating any dual entry requirements to create accurate data that's easy to maintain.

Mine your own data. In addition, Connect's database becomes a resource for warm leads from lost opportunities, former customers and in-progress work typically lost in sales representative turn-over. After several months of use, Connect's 'Closed Lost' and 'Contract Anniversary' dashboards will become your greatest tool to success.

Contract Anniversaries Dashboard for Lost Opportunities

Connect Funnel Leader Board

At-A-Glance Reporting

Measure what you manage. Connect translates your team's data inputs into measurable performance milestones, giving you the information you need to ensure your sales teams' success. From graphical dashboards to pre-formatted sales meeting printouts, Connect streamlines the process from the daily salesĀ  to the boardroom.

In addition, Connect acts as an organizing tool for your sales reps, providing them with the data they need to be more productive, efficient and successful, never letting an opportunity slip out of focus.

Proven Sales Strategy

Recipe for success. Connect Software follows proven sales strategy, aligning with the Maintenance Agreement sales cycle from First-Call Presentation through to Proposal and providing a Financial Analysis for Maintenance and Project Agreements alike, ensuring your value proposition exceeds even those of your toughest competitors.

The Funnel is organized in the rigid structure of these proven sales cycles, making it easy for sales reps and managers to track which opportunities are at which strategic stage of the process.


Service Agreement Financial Analysis
Developed Using ASHRAE Standards